What Do You Want From Self Storage?

What are you doing for the continue 2 Weeks? Self storage is not something you’re the only one who thinks so. The most common mistake when looking for self-storage is to waste too much time online or in the vehicle trying to find the best location. It is unnecessary to spend hours looking online for self storage units. If you’re willing pay for them, there are some shortcuts you can take.

The amazing modern technology of today makes life so much easier. I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying, “Necessity IS THE mother of innovation.” Many new services have evolved over the years to make it easier for people who need self storage. These services are very valuable. It is also worth reflecting on how people used storage services in the past.

There was no storage initially. If you have too much stuff, you can either put it in the garage/attic, or you can just throw it away. It was a problem that many of our historical treasures, including important antiques, were lost. Russ Williams worked in the oil business and recognized the need for storage space to store his boat, fishing gear and other items. Texas’ Odessa was where the first modern self storage facility was established. They were extremely useful and very successful.

In a few short years, self-storage had become a standard feature all over the world. Self storage was cheaper than adding more storage to a home, or buying a larger house. Salesmen and businessmen found self storage very helpful. Everyone realized the value in renting additional space and created the Self Storage Industry.

As more storage units were built, the demand for self-storage increased. You could not search the internet or use GPS to locate self-storage facilities. For self storage, one would need to refer to the Yellow Pages and draw an outline of where they are located. Archaic I know. It is almost impossible for us to believe that we once lived during these “dark years”.